R is for Rhino

There is no picture today, and that is a delibrate decision because their is no animal to show.

There are no more white rhino’s left in the world.

In 1900, there were half a million rhinos roaming around in Africa and Asia. In 1970, just 70,000 and now, none.

The last rhino to die was called Sudan. He was born the same year as me, 1973, but was the equivalent of 90 in human years. He was put to sleep on Monday 19 March because his skin condition was too painful for him. Tragically he had to have a 24 hour armed guard, so valuable and in demand was his horn.

A horn which is made out of the same material as our finger nails and hair. Yet it’s used as a party drug, a health supplement, and a hangover cure in Vietnam and used to be used as rhino horn dagger handles in the Yemen, but that was thankfully made socially unacceptable.

There is hope that via ivf his daughter or granddaughter would carry on the species but that is far from certain.

I will end with this sad but powerful quote from Phillip Yancy’s book ‘I Was Just Wondering’.

‘Naturalist John Muir, who never lost a vision for “the world as God sees it,” concluded sadly, “it is a great comfort. . . . that vast multitudes of creatures, great and small and infinite in number, lived and had a good time in God’s love before man was created.

If you can, please pray that this tragic loss will help us to do all we can to prevent epic losses like this happening again.

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